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'Resident Evil 7' PC Demo Just Dropped This Week; Capcom Expects 4M Sales on Day One


The demo for "Resident Evil 7" has been released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now, fans can enjoy them in PC as Capcom has finally made it available to that platform. Meanwhile, Capcom has a confident estimate on how many units will be sold on the first day of the survival horror game's official release.

Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour PC Demo

Capcom has made "Resident Evil 7" available in Steam for fans to download on their PCs, PC Games N reported. The new instalment to the franchise will start with the main protagonist waking up all alone in an abandoned farmhouse.

According to the description, the new game will be immersive bringing horror to the five senses of the gamer. "Resident Evil 7" will change the player's perspective into the "Isolated View" mode. With photorealistic graphics brought by advanced RE Engine, the new instalment will bring survival horror game into a whole new level.

"Resident Evil 7" will bring the game back to how the franchise used to be, emphasizing the scary survival horror experience of the player. So far, users have graded the game with 83 percent positive mark.

Capcom expects 4M Units Sold on Day one

With a grade that high and the success of its prior demo release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Capcom expects massive success when the game will be officially released. Capcom expects 4 million copies of "Resident Evil 7" sold during the first day of its release, Game Rant reported. With a warm reception from the fans, this success is highly likely.

Other games with a reception this warm has proven to be massive successes. One example is Final Fantasy 15 with 5 million copies sold, making it one of the fastest-selling RPG series. Meanwhile, fans will just have to wait for January 24, 2017 for the official release of "Resident Evil 7."

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