Macbook vs Surface Specs, Features: Which is Better?


For a Macbook vs Surface comparison, it is only right that it is focused on their new models the Macbook Pro 2016 and the Surface Book i7. Both high-end laptops were just released to the market and it is time to know which one is better.

The Design department of the Macbook vs Surface comparion is a little hard to call. Microsoft Surface, according to Cnet, retains its classic ports from last year's model while the Macbook Pro has a strange all-USB-C array. The Surface Book does have two USB-3 ports, an SD card slot, a Mini Display Port and Microsoft's magnetic charge connector. There is also a strange gap between the top and base when the Microsoft Surface is closed. It is like the entire laptop was a sheet of metal folded in half.

According to Trusted Reviews, the two laptops have differing software in the Macbook vs Surface comparison which is another category that's too close to call. The Apple MacBook Pro is powered by macOS Sierra while the Surface Book runs Windows 10. The two operating systems are very different from one another but they have gone closer because of their recent updates. Both have app stores and allow you to set-up multiple desktops that make it look pleasing to the eye.

For the storage category in the Macbook vs Surface comparison, they are tied because both have 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB storage configurations. If you choose the 15-inch model then you automatically double the storage to 2 TB. One thing to take note here is the new Macbook Pro has gotten rid of the SD card slot from the past MacBook Pro models which will definitely make photographers angry.

If you want an in-depth comparison between Macbook vs Surface then you can check out this short video:

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