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3 Last Minute Ideas for Christmas Gift Shopping [Video]


In case you haven't notice, Christmas is almost here and there's a chance that you have not completed your Christmas shopping yet. Instead of wondering where the time went, continue reading to find some useful tips that might help you get your Christmas shopping done.

Make your list, check it twice

Yes, the Huffington Post suggested writing the names of the people you're buying presents for is and what you want to get them is one great hack. This will help you prioritize your budget and your time. Having a list will make you more efficient as you shop because you know what you need instead of running around aimlessly. It will also ensure that you get something for everyone.

Gift cards vs. the gift of experience

I know you're pressed for time and the salesperson is right saying that a gift card is a great idea, especially if it's for someone who's quite hard to shop for. Still, do your best to attempt giving them something that's more personalized than a gift card. If there's not a single item you see fit for a particular person, consider giving them the gift of experience. It can be giftee subscriptions, concert, game or movie tickets or if you feel like splurging, book them a trip. It may seem generic but the person on the receiving and may think otherwise.

Crafty and creative

Since we already mentioned personalizing gifts, if you're crafty or in the mood for making something instead of buying one, BBC suggested getting in touch with your inner creative to whip something out that they won't find from any shelf on the mall. Painted jars, embroidered or knitted stuff can go into this category or as simple as homemade cookies or pie is both unique and thoughtful. If you decide to cook something up, be sure it won't spoil before you give it away.

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