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‘Final Fantasy 15’ News: Compelling And Fun, Offers Hardest Dungeons But No Save Points


Game enthusiasts marked "Final Fantasy 15" a compelling RPG as it brings a light atmosphere of fun and genuine friendship. Reviews suggested that for once Square Enix has built a game with room to breathe, laugh, discover and explore.

"Final Fantasy 15" has its own cool idiosyncrasies and its own vibe, Trusted Reviews pointed out that the new action-oriented real-time combat system is brilliant as it merged the series' traditional sci-fi, sword and sorcery, swapping route 66 for twisting highways linking up scattered outposts, dungeons, wilderness areas and cities. It also gives nostalgic feels to players while listening to classic "Final Fantasy" soundtrack while fishing, searching for meal ingredients, taking bounty hunts on colossal critters or finding the treasure caches scattered liberally around.

Meanwhile, the game gathered negative feedbacks on its poor magic system and rotten combat camera, which is very vital in the game's combat system as it tracks players, enemies and the action entirely. While "Final Fantasy's" endgame is full of extra challenges and intense secret dungeons, the minimal checkpoints and save points or none of it gives players a potential to be sent to square one, all progress and experience reset, Trusted reviews added.

However, Polygon reported that even though the game shoved the hardest dungeons to its players, there are shortcuts and tricks that save players the 10-hour play game. The source added that in a video posted by Flobberworm4 in YouTube it cuts the time to 6 minutes only in conquering challenges in Pitioss Ruins, for instance.

The tricks help players skip aggravating sections on their way to the dungeon's end. Polygon divulged that without these tips it would make the hardest dungeons even harder because of the camera and jump controls that have been criticized to be overly sensitive, which added to the dungeon's difficulty level.

"Final Fantasy 15" may give players the hardest dungeons but this is what games do, they challenge and give the feeling of power once every mission and side-quests are accomplished. Adding to the fact that it is the best single-player Final Fantasy has offered in a decade.

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