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‘Dunkirk’: More Than Just Another WWII Movie; Hitler’s ‘Stupid Order’ Led To The Defeat Of The Germans? [Video]


"Dunkirk" by acclaimed director Christopher Nolan of "Batman" trilogy is more than just another epic World War 2 movie for Nolan follows a purist approach of depicting truer representation of actual historical events using the latest filming technology. Moreover, "Dunkirk" may serve as a history lesson for Americans, who participated in WWII long after Dunkirk, and understand why the "stupid order" of Hitler is to be blamed for the Germans' failure to wipe out the British Army.

Nolan is one of the best and in-demand directors in Hollywood, not because of his blockbuster films, but more so for his reputation as a forward-looking, intelligent and philosophical approach in directing. It will be a first for Nolan to direct an epic World War II movie like "Dunkirk" and what the first trailer reveals is a brutal and dark period in the history of civilization.

"Dunkirk" is based on actual historical events with the central plot of rescuing 338,000 British, French and Belgian soldiers, who formed a substantial number of the whole Allied Forces who were at war with Hitler and his army. The movie featured an important event in World War II, which proved pivotal to the victory of the Allied Forces against the Germans.

"Dunkirk" will depict the landing of the British Expeditionary Army (BEF) on the beaches of Dunkirk in Northern France where they were met by German troops and its Panzer division ready for ambush. The first trailer of "Dunkirk" already revealed glimpses of the brutality of war with soldiers dying, drowning and struggling to survive.

Nolan captured this epic moment using the latest IMAX technology, particularly the IMAX 65mm film and the 65mm bigger format, Quartz has learned. Moreover, Nolan is aided by acclaimed cinematographer Hoyt van Hoytema, who have worked with Nolan in "Interstellar" back in 2014.

"Dunkirk" will show how more than 300,000 soldiers were rescued off the beaches of Dunkirk, a feat accomplished in just days, the Wired reported. The Germans despite their large ranks, strategic location, and advanced weaponry failed to wipe out the Allied Forces primarily because Hitler issued a "Halt Order," a perplexing turn of events for many historians.

It seems that "Dunkirk" will be able to provide an important history lesson to Americans since schools only cover the participation of the United States, which occurred after the events in Dunkirk. Viewers will get to know and see how the "stupid order" of Hitler as described by General Kleist is the führer's first biggest mistake that eventually caused the German's defeat.

"Dunkirk" is slated for a July 21, 2017 release. In the meantime, watch the first trailer below for a glimpse of Nolan's first World War II movie.

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