‘Persona 5' Introduces Haru Okumura; New Character to Help Western Release Exceed the 6.9 Million Unit Sales


Altus used to focus on niche games and sell only a few hundred thousand copies. But now, it has gained massive success with its Persona series selling 6.9 million units all over the world. It is expected that this number will continue to grow with its new character, Haru Okumura.

New Character to Exceed 6.9 million unit sales

The Persona series success has even overtaken the Shin Megami Tensei, which has sold 7.2 million units, Segment Next reported. However, Shin Megami took to times the time period that it took for Persona to sell 6.9 million units. Persona 5 has only been released in Japan, and it is expected that the number of sales will still increase drastically once it hits the western market.

The multitude of Persona fans has been anticipating the fifth instalment for a long time. It was first announced that Persona 5 will be out lat 2013. However, it was postponed so many times until the company came up with a final release scheduled on April 2017. These delays have only made the fans anticipate Persona 5 even more.

In Persona 5, the main protagonist won't be a new kid, but a delinquent. The main character will team up with other students and meet up from the Phantom Thieves to get out of the corrupt, dull, and routinely life.

Who is Haru Okumura?

One of the reasons why fans believe that Persona will sell even more units is its new character, Haru Okumura. She broke free from her past and teams up with the other characters from Phantom Thieves, Crunchy Roll reported. Haru is voiced by Xanthe Huynh.

At first Haru is a character who is least likely to become a rebel, but her rich life seems to be very unpleasant. Coming from an affluent background, she became fed up with the lavish lifestyle and joins the Phantom Thieves.           

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