UBER Self-Driving Cars Do Not Need California Permits, ‘Safety Drivers’ Behind The Wheel; UBER Beacon App To Avoid Car Mix-Ups [Video]


UBER self-driving cars need not get nay permits since these still have "safety drivers" behind the wheel, responding to California DMV which accuses UBER of violating state regulations. Moreover, UBER delves into making its first hardware called beacon, which aids riders find their car and avoid car mix-ups.

UBER self-driving cars have been deployed on the streets of Pittsburgh for the last three months with UBER claiming that Pittsburgh is one of the leading pro-technology in the United States. Just last Wednesday, Dec. 14, UBER tested its self-driving cars on the streets of California.

However, the attention of the California DMV was called when a viral video of an UBER self-driving car was caught running on red light in San Francisco. The DMV is now accusing UBER of violating state regulation by operating with no permits, Fortune reported.

UBER blames its drivers, one of which was featured in the viral video, saying that the violation was due to human error. The said drivers were already suspended.

Though UBER self-driving cars operate on the principle of having a driverless car, its programming is still not ready and require a person to operate it. It is self-driving but monitored by a person or "safety driver" behind the wheel according to NPR.

It is for this technicality that UBER is affirming its stand that it does not need to get permits for the UBER self-driving cars for these are not technically driverless. However, DMV insists that UBER complies in the same manner as Alphabet Inc's Google does.

UBER also explained its guiding principle, which is in pursuit of road safety in pushing for the UBER self-driving cars technology. UBER claims that human error poses more danger, which is why states like California should be more pro-technology as Pittsburgh or Florida and avoid imposing complex restrictions to companies in need to test their devices.

Meanwhile, UBER has delved into making its first hardware, called beacon, which is a device made of plastic and attached to the inside of the windshield. UBER beacon glows into a color set by the driver once a ride has been accepted so that the rider need not check and match the plate number and car model of the UBER ride according to The Verge.

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