'GTA Online’ Update: 'GTA 5' Becoming A Game For The Rich? Import/Export Update Too Expensive


Players from all ages have continued to get hooked in the open world action-adventure video game "Grand Theft Auto V" much more that Rockstar North, the game's developer has recently updated the game and released exciting adventures of stealing cars, and basically committing acts of grand theft auto. The excitement it triggered to players in stealing cars the grandest ways has both thrilled to those who already have a few millions and dismayed those who have only enough.

The recent update dubbed as Import/Export has presently irked some players claiming that even though it added new ways to make money and some wacky vehicles to spend that money on, the expansion will leave the player a little to do unless he has a few millions, Kotaku pointed out.

Further review revealed that players need to achieve a CEO status to invest their cash, so they can purchase large storage facilities for stolen cars. A registration of $1 million (in-game money) is needed to register as CEO.

It can be noted that the cheapest vehicle warehouse is $1.5 million and the player must own one of these locations before he can do the new vehicle theft missions. Kotaku divulged that a player may become a CEO but will be too poor to get a chance to play any of the new Import/Export missions.

The recent update has added features like its new adversary mode-the turf wars that enables two to four teams to strap themselves into a range of speedy vehicles and compete to control tiles. Rockstargames highlighted as well its character appearance feature and added luxury and expensive vehicles. Import/Export also features the addition of Stunt Props to the Rockstar Editor's Director Mode and support for Play Together on PS4, which enables players on that particular platform to party up and join a GTA Online session together.

The upgrade has not only offered an adventurous and thrilling ways to steal cars but it has also become bigger, and probably still one of the most sought after games online.

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