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Ubisoft Games Update: ‘For Honor’ Faction War Metagame Up in February; Split Screen Dropped


Online gamers are now itching to get a try of Ubisoft's upcoming online action hack and slash video game "For Honor," for it promises an action-packed online game experience, however, reports said they will have to wait a little longer since the official release of the game will be on February 14, 2017. "For Honor" will be available on PS4, Xbox and Windows PC.

This early, the forum page of the game's official website has gathered positive reviews and reactions from players online, opining how pleasantly surprised they are of the game's fantastic concept. Online game bloggers and critics have also positive things to say about the upcoming game, Trusted Reviews revealed that the game has a surprising level of strategy employed by its simple controls.

Keeping the players to stick in "For Honor", Ubisoft devised a Faction War metagame, which is one of the great features the game has in stored for its players. By selecting one of the three factions namely Viking, Samurai or Knight, everything you do in the game will earn points toward the faction, Trusted Reviews added. Winners will be awarded with crates containing items to customize their warriors.

In a press release, Ubisoft will also open a closed beta period in January 2017 and announced that more information of the game will be coming to give light on how they all find themselves fighting each other on the same battlefield, Polygon reported. It also broadcast a new antagonist of the game Apollyon, who seeks to incite war amongst the various factions.

Reports also claimed that Ubisoft was very firm on its decision to cut the split-screen feature of the game, stating that they wanted to give players the most amazing experience and prioritize other aspects of the final product. The company also suggested an option for fans who would want to play with friends to try the online co-op for the campaign and multiplayer modes.

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