'Dark Souls 3' News: Latest Update Brings Amazing News, 'Dark Souls 3' Coming To Nintendo Switch? But Not On Launch Date?


From Software and Bandai Namco Entertainment have finally released the latest update for the action-playing video game "Dark Souls 3." The latest update, according to From Software, will focus significantly on improving poise adjustment, balance changes, balance weapons and fixes bugs.

According to GameRant, the "Dark Souls 3" latest update, patch note 1.06, focuses on balance changes, which is then made to correct some small balance and issues with regards to the game. What makes this latest update different from other updates is that it's a balance-focused update.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the latest update, patch notes 1.07 to 1.08, have its focus significantly on the matter of poise adjustments, gameplay improvements, and bug fixes. It primarily deals with adjusted poise values, address balancing issues, fix bugs and improve attack animations.

"Dark Souls 3" Coming to Nintendo Switch?
2017 is approaching fast and this means only one thing for all gamers, the Nintendo Switch release date. Ever since the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has introduced to the world their upcoming game console, gamers have been hoping that game like the "Dark Souls 3" game will be included in the Nintendo console list.

According to Lets Play Video Games, there's a big chance that "Dark Souls 3" might be included in the Nintendo wish list. It's has been reported earlier that two companies have been in development for months. And If the game finally gets the go signal light for Nintendo Switch, then it will come alongside other confirmed titles.

As of now, there is still no official confirmation yet, as "Dark Souls 3" developer From Software has not made any commitments to release the game on the upcoming console.

"Dark Souls 3" may be coming but not on the early days of the Nintendo Switch. For now, the strategy for From Software is to wait for the initial sales of the Nintendo Switch first before moving getting inside. From that they can make some good analysis and assessment whether it's a good decision to bring "Dark Souls 3" on Nintendo Switch.

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