HTC 11 Leaked Features: HTC 11 Will Be Worth The Wait? [Video]


The HTC 10 seemingly failed most people as it didn't reach customer expectations but consumers are already looking forward to the release of the HTC 11. Surprisingly, details of the much-awaited HTC 11 have leaked and people are hoping that this time HTC will be able to satisfy their clients. Check the leaked information.

HTC 11 Features

The HTC 10 had earned much praise and so it is only appropriate to expect that the HTC 11 will surpass the features included in the prior HTC flagship handset. The leaked details of the features include a QHD Display resolution in a 5.5-inch screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor, 12-megapixel dual primary camera with 8MP selfie camera. The device will be expected to have 8GB RAM with 256GB internal storage and a 3,700maH battery and will also feature quick charging.

HTC 11 Design

With the failed review of the HTC 10, it is only right for HTC to come up with a very nice design to satisfy their possible users. In line with this, the leaked detail shows that HTC is exploring the capabilities of using Quad-HD and as for the speaker, HTC is expected to bring back the front-facing BoomSound speakers. The leaked picture of the HTC 11 showed a design similar to the recently released HTC 10.

HTC 11 is Waterproof

More and more smartphone manufacturers are now adding waterproof features to their handsets as it is now what most people are looking for. Most people are expecting HTC to develop a smartphone which are IP67 or IP68 rated and so this is the best time for HTC to do so.

As for the price, it has been predicted that it may cost between £549 ($682.45) and £599 ($744.60).  HTC phones are not cheap anyway. The HTC 11 is predicted to be released in April 2017 if the 12-month cycle is followed.

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