BlackBerry Dtek50 Review: The World's Most Secure Android Phone is Awesome but Not For You


BlackBerry Dtek50 has been underrated so far even if it's claimed as the most secure Android phone in the world.

That does not necessarily mean that the other Android phones are not secure but the fact that BlackBerry can add more layers to its security system is what makes this device worth the value.

BlackBerry Dtek50 Review: The Security Features

1. Same day security patch

BlackBerry promises a fast update on bug fixes. The regular patch is something that Google has offered. However, BlackBerry claims that it is able to roll out same day patch on BlackBerry Dtek50 and Dtek60.

2. Secure boot process

Aside from the regular security updates, BlackBerry Dtek50 is equipped with secure boot that will prevent any hacker from tampering your device.

3. Detecting any malicious behavior

There is a reason why it is called BlackBerry Dtek50. There is this app, Dtek, that monitors your handset's security levels. For instance, the app can tell if there is a malware on the camera software or if your password is not strong enough.

4. Compliant Full Disk Encryption

The encryption baked in BlackBerry Dtek50 is able to protect user's sensitive data from being stolen, 9to5Google reported. The unique set of security features seem to be the selling point of this device. However, these features seem to fit enterprise-centric needs. And unless someone is working in a secret agency that needs a top-notch security system - this phone does not really offer something fun.

BlackBerry Dtek50 Review: Design and Internal Specs

BlackBerry Dtek50 comes with a surprise. It is slim and sleek, plus comfortable to hold. It's got scratch-resistant, 5.2-inch screen (1080 x 1920 pixels) and 424 ppi pixel density. CNET reported that the Alcatel-built phone sells for $300.

Dtek50 runs Android Marshmallow and pairs 16 GB with 3 GB RAM. The front-facing camera packs 8 MP sensor whilst the rear packs 13 MP. We've seen better pictures captured by other handsets in low-light condition.

From this point, the choices for Dtek50 internal hardware are quite standard and the battery could be made bigger than 2,610 mAh capacity.  

Convenience key offers customizable shortcuts from controlling LED flash to opening an application. The phone comes with double-tap feature like the one you see on LG's handsets. User can double-tap the screen to enter wake or sleep mode.

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