Samsung’s Rumored Foldable Smartphones Due For 2017 Release; Image Renders Reveal Two Handsets, One A Dual-screen Type [SPECS, DETAILS]


With the influx of patents and concept renders surfacing online over foldable phones, Samsung might make good on its promise to come up with its own set of foldable smartphone in 2017. Now, image renders revealed a brand new design for the foldable handset, with bendable displays and a detachable camera module.

According to reports, the company has hinted the foldable and bendable screen displays on 2013, with prototypes showcased at CES 2013. Fast forward to present, the latest Samsung concept handset design revealed two foldable smartphones.

GSMArena revealed image renders of what looks like two distinct pieces, sandwiched back to back. The other image shows a dual-screen type of device, with one segment housing the actual internals and the other screen hinged as an identical foldable segment.

The dual-screen type device works as an all-display phone from edge-to-edge if it is not bent. Its home button will still be present on the phone, which is strategically placed on the back side, along with a fixed camera in the upper left corner and a socket for attaching the external camera module.

A glimpse of the other handset displays two segment to be slightly slided apart and then folded over. Through the foldable segment, the home button is placed underneath the display, where it typically resides, while the top portion of the panel ends up on the back side.

Accordingly, ET News reported that Samsung is developing two types of foldable smartphones because it plans to examine responses from Smartphone markets. The move is comparable to the company's curved Smartphone called 'Galaxy Round' released in 2013, but was manufactured in small number.

The dual-screen Smartphone is similar to a product that JDI (Japan Display Inc.) introduced recently as part of 'Project Valley' project. The said technology does not bend a panel itself but has a hinge in the middle and has flat display on each side, working as a tablet rather than a Smartphone.

From an expert from the industry, the report said, "In-foldable Smartphone is seen as a first type of a foldable Smartphone. Out-foldable Smartphone is the next step of in-foldable Smartphone." Samsung Electronics thereby claimed that it is securing a technology that can develop in-foldable and out-foldable smartphones.

In addition, the rumored foldable smartphone with dual-screen is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelo on February 2017 or the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) happening in Las Vegas in January.

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