Northern Virginia Community College Granted $100,000 for Cybersecurity Pathway [Video]


Northern Virginia Community College is a grantee of the Capital One Foundation in assisting the development of the Cybersecurity Career Pathways Project. NOVA obtained $100,000 that aims to recruit high school students to pursue careers in cybersecurity.

The gap between industry needs and the pool of cybersecurity professionals has prompted Capital One Foundation to provide opportunities for students within poor communities to consider careers as cybersecurity professionals, according to Alexandria News.

Lack of Cybersecurity Professionals

The state of unemployment is increasing even with the 211,000 jobs added, according to a report by CNBC. However, cybersecurity is a field where demand for workers is greater than the pool of professionals being produced by colleges and universities.

Universities and companies are teaming up on how to train potential employees. Information security graduates have a great number of jobs to choose from.

Collaboration of Community Colleges 

NOVA will collaborate with 14 community colleges in Texas, New York, Maryland, and D.C. in creating a pilot program with Forest Park and Potomac. These two Prince William County public high schools were picked because of their high level of diversity and for a great population with students in underprivileged communities.

Establishment of Pilot Program

This pilot program aims to offer training to teachers and counselors in spreading the importance of these fields. High school students will participate in activities and have the opportunity to learn about the increasing demands of cybersecurity. These students can attend internships that will allow them to obtain a cybersecurity credential while in high school. Then these interns will proceed to NOVA and a four-year institution in preparation for being professionals in this field.

Cybersecurity Education and Career Development 

The Department of Homeland Security reports that America needs cybersecurity professionals. It is hoped that through this grant to NOVA, a large pool of professionals can be produced.

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