Clash of Clans: Holiday-themed Update arriving before Christmas


Game publisher Supercell has announced on Twitter that it will release a Winter-themed update for its best-selling multiplayer game Clash of Clans just in time for Christmas. The last time Clash of Clans got an update was last Halloween and it was a massive one with Halloween-themed items and changes.

According to Headlines & Global News, the new Clash of Clans update may contain several new game modes and possibly additional troops taken from the game's spin-off title, "Clash Royale." Rumored for the update are the Lumberjack and the Ice Wizard. Since the update has a winter theme, it is extremely possible ice-themed characters from "Clash Royale" will get added to the mix.

The tweet, according to iDigital Times, was believed to be related to something like a spell boost or gem but the mention of sneak peeks into it is very important. However, that usually applies to patches that are not that big so this could be a big one. It is widely assumed that sneak peeks could begin in the days leading up to Christmas and for the Clash of Clans update to be released around that time.

With a lot of fans excited for the update, Supercell did not reveal much about it except that it will get released around Christmas. Rumors are floating around that existing troops would already get new levels. Fans can only hope that this year's Winter Update would be better than last year as a lot of Clash of Clans users thought it was a major disappointment.

Play Clash of Clans today as it is currently available on Android and iOS which means it can be played on portable devices. For those who are not yet familiar with this best-selling game, check out this video and find out why so many people are addicted to it:

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