GTA 6 News And Update: GTA 5 Update Success Might Cancel GTA 6 Video]


Despite the rumors about the much awaited GTA 6 and the excitement of GTA fans all over the world, speculations surfaced that Rockstar might set aside the creation of GTA's next installment to focus more on the GTA 5 instead.

Rockstar had finally launched the GTA 5 Import/Export expansion and had since gained much praise from players.  The GTA 5 update thrilled everyone with the new addition of vehicles to own or a new way to earn profits. Reports also say that Rockstar will focus more on the upcoming updates and expansions for the GTA 5, which means GTA 6 may not come out sooner.

Previous reports mentioned the top choices of cities for the GTA 6 setting which include, London, Paris, Italy, Hong Kong, Vice City, Tokyo, Moscow and Sao Paulo. However, there were also reports that Rockstar plans to create an expansion for the GTA 5, which will be set in one of the cities listed. There were also rumors about GTA 6 having the ability to customize vehicles, which is available in the GTA 5 update where players steal vehicles to customize and upgrade and then sell them for additional profit.

Another inclusion in the GTA 5 update which was reportedly included in GTA 6 is the ability to change the appearance of the character through a makeover as per Rockstar. Not to mention, a number of items for GTA 5 are on big sale until Dec. 19 so it's time for players to upgrade now.   

The cancellation or discontinuation of the plans for the GTA 6 remains unconfirmed so fans will have to stay tune for more updates about Rockstar's next GTA installment. Rest assured, Rockstar is taking every step to ensure players get to enjoy every game they develop and will continue to do more improvements for their ever-loyal fans.

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