Tesla Update: First Real Competitor Finally Hits The Road, Is This The New Tesla Killer? New Radar Tech Promising New Safety Features?


Tesla has just announced a new promising radar processing technology that will help Tesla drivers avoid a car accident, but the electronic vehicle (EV) powerhouse faces its first real competitor that just hit the road deemed by many as a credible challenger -- Air, by Lucid Motors.

Tesla's First Real Competitor Makes A Touchdown

California-based Lucid Motors on Wednesday unveiled the Air, a new luxury electric sedan aimed at the "executive" market. It is sleek, extremely fast and bears more than a passing resemblance to the electric car it is designed to challenge, the untouchable Tesla.

The new challenger has reportedly been in stealth mode for years, working on a new breed of electric vehicle. And now it's revealing itself to the world, ready to take on the EV market leader Tesla. 

After years in stealth mode, the Californian-based startup has finally revealed to the public its electric car with a 400-mile range, in a special event in Fremont, California.

The company, which is said to boasts some Tesla alums, said that the new Air will fill the luxury, sports car and commuter needs of drivers.

When it comes to power, the new car boasts a combined 1000 horsepower from its two electric motors. A planned 130 kWh battery pack would enable the Lucid Air to go 400 miles range on a single charge, which said to be farther than any other electric vehicle in the market, including Tesla.

Additionally, the new vehicle will also have some autonomous features, similar with Tesla, according to Engadget.

Overall, Lucid's vehicle looks promising, but going to the EV market would be a different story. The biggest challenge for Lucid, for now, will be the starting line. But it still might have some advantages over the well-established EV player Tesla when it comes to electric, even Tesla have their own EV plans working already.

Tesla New Radar Tech Promises New Safety Features?
Meanwhile, and after introducing a new vegan interior option, Tesla has another promising feature on board. The EV maker has just announced a new radar processing technology that will directly push over-the-air to all Tesla vehicles equipped with the first generation Autopilot technology.

To make the new technology working, Tesla has teamed up with radar specialist Bosch, to get upgraded drivers and access from the radar tech on its Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X vehicles.

According to Electrek, one of the major highlights of the new Tesla's radar technology is the ability for the system to see multiple cars ahead on the road. The new development will enable Tesla to push new safety features. In fact, there are already reports of the new system helping drivers avoid a car accident, according to Tesla.

Tesla first announced the details of its radar processing technology in September, that radar tech is only limited to the front-facing camera and has some trouble in image processing.

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