‘How I Met Your Mother’ News: Remembering Alan Thicke In Best HIMYM Moments; Show Was Inspired By 9/11 Attacks? [Video]


"How I Met Your Mother" is where Alan Thicke was at his best featuring his unique comedic brand and with his sudden passing, fans can now relive his finest moments by streaming the show on Netflix. Moreover, another tragedy, the Sept. 11 attacks, was the inspiration of the showrunners in writing the material for "How I Met Your Mother," explaining why the theme is about dealing with the twists and turns of life.

"How I Met Your Mother" season finale first aired two years ago, but its legacy lives on especially in creating well-loved characters like the recurring character of Thicke. The actor first made his appearance through his inclusion in the music video "Sandcastles in the Sand" by Robin Sparkles, the alter ego of Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders).

From then on, Thicke became a recurring character in "How I Met Your Mother," seemingly tasked to break off Robin and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). Thicke is best remembered in another music video, the "Beaver Hand Puppets," where the actor figured prominently.

Thicke brings his own comedic brand into "How I Met Your Mother" and in his other popular shows like "Growing Pains" and "Fuller House" according to Romper. For sure, his  fans will mourn his death especially when it was so sudden and a few hours after the actor's post in Twitter.

Thicke died at the age of 69 and reports say that the actor suffered from cardiac arrest while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son. The "How I Met Your Mother" actor first experienced chest pains, became nauseous and then vomited.

After half an hour, Thicke was rushed to the Providence St. Joseph's Medic Center, where he was pronounced dead. The organs of the late actor were believed to be donated soon after.

Thicke's death sparked renewed interest in "How I Met Your Mother" where the actor portrayed his finest comedic performance in a show about dealing with the twists and turns of life. Showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas wrote the material for the show after taking inspiration from the Sept. 11 attacks according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bays and Thomas took a gamble and moved from New York to Los Angeles to pitch their material to CBS. When giving tips to new writers, Bays revealed that the best material they had then was their lives and living with the knowledge that life is precious after the tragic events in New York.

Hence, "How I Met Your Mother" has an undertone of seriousness as the characters try to grapple with life, friendship and love. Though a reunion is far-fetched as of now, the show can still be viewed by streaming it from Netflix.

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