Apple iOS 10.2 Update: New Emojis Get Criticized, New TV App Single Sign-On Gets Thumbs Up


Apple iOS 10.2 update has finally arrived with new features and bug fixes, including a new emoji. However, the latest update had earned both praise and criticism.

Of all the features added in the Apple iOS 10.2 update, the emoji has undeniably catched everyone's attention. Some praised while others criticized the emojis. Some Apple have expressed their dismay over the new emoji saying the messenger is already filled with emojis.  They said people who use them no longer practice correct grammar and spelling while others said that the update should have just focused on bug fixes instead of additional emojis.

Despite the negative reception of some users, others were thrilled to see the new additions like facepalm, shrug, food, animals, fingers crossed and professions, especially the Bowie inspired emoji. Although named "Male Singer" and "Female Singer," David Bowie fans quickly noticed the resemblance to the late legendary Rock idol.

The Apple iOS 10.2 update also features the new TV App where its single sign-on capability earned much praise among other newly added features. With the single sign-one, users will no longer have to jump in and out of the application just to watch TV series with its the new unified video streaming. The single sign-on will surely save everyone from the hassle of signing in and out every now and then.

 While the new Apple iOS 10.2 update had earned much praise than criticism, other iPhone users are still skeptic about downloading the new update. Some say they will wait for the review as they don't want to compromise the safety of their device although others are already boasting the great features of the new update.

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