'Overwatch' News: 'Winter Wonderland' Goes Live; Will Maps Have Temporary Winter Makeover?


"Overwatch's" much awaited Christmas-themed event is finally here and Blizzard Entertainment has just started its next seasonal event -- bringing "Winter Wonderland" to "Overwatch" along with its winter time loot boxes and new exciting items.

Blizzard this week released the much awaited "Overwatch" seasonal update, "Winter Wonderland," which adds an Christmas-themed unlockable items to Overwatch for a limited time. The Overwatch special event will run from Dec. 13 to Jan. 2, and will offer a wide variety of cosmetic items, victory poses, character skins, voice lines, emotes, player icons and highlight intros.

According to Venturebeat, "Winter Wonderland" introduces an event-specific loot box that looks like a Christmas present. In the event, Blizzard has introduced more than 100 new cosmetics, including costumes, animations, sprays, and more.

As with previous "Overwatch" events, the contents of those Christmas-themed loot boxes will be random, but Overwatch players would need to worry because they are guaranteed at least one Winter Wonderland item in each loot box.

Additionally, Overwatch is also adding a new brawl to called Mei's Snowball Offensive, a 6v6, single-elimination brawl with two teams of six Meis each duking it out with special snowball attacks.

Overwatch makes some last-minute but temporary winter makeover
As mentioned earlier by The Verge, "Overwatch" is having some last-minute changes on the Hanamura and King's Row maps. The two maps have been given a temporary winter makeover, along with the new single-elimination brawl called Me's Snowball Offensive brawl.

Like the previous "Overwatch's" Halloween and Olympics events, the new Christmas-themed items are only obtainable for the duration of the seasonal update, which said to run from Dec. 13 to Jan. 2.

According to "Overwatch" Blizzard, these new items can only be unlocked through Winter Loot Boxes. The Winter Loot Boxes can be earned in the same thing as a regular Overwatch Loot Boxes. This can be done either by leveling up in-game or buying them with real money. Each of the Winter Loot Boxes contains randomized items and its guarantee at least one winter event item in each loot box.

Overall, this special Overwatch event gives Overwatch fans an enticing reason to keep playing with the game and potentially spend more money on the game.

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