Xbox Project Scorpio: Xbox Scorpio Not A Direct Response To PS4 Pro? Microsoft To Stick On Console Price Point?


There have been a few number of rumors and speculations on the cost of the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio console. But Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer hinted recently what the price of the upcoming gaming console would be, and it's stunning.

Ever since the reveal of the upcoming gaming console at this year's E3 conference, Xbox Project Scorpio has been dubbed as a supercharged gaming hardware. Hence, such a bold description led many Xbox fans and analyst to believe that Microsoft would end up pricing the Xbox Project Scorpio at the price range of a premium gaming PC, much like the Alienware gaming products.

However, in a recent interview with AusGamers, Xbox chief Phil Spencer gave a statement that he wants the system to be at the price-point of ordinary gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox One and etc.) and not at the level of a premium gaming PC.

In short, Microsoft is sticking to its plans of getting a console price point and not competing with the high-end gaming PC. This could mean that Xbox supporters and fans will now able to experience a new level of gaming experience at a very reasonable price. Spencer also added that Xbox Project Scorpio being built for the benefit of both the Xbox gamers and the game developers, as mentioned earlier by PC Advisor.

Speaking of rival Sony, which has been mentioned earlier, Microsoft said recently that the company's upcoming gaming console, the Xbox Project Scorpio, is not a direct response to Sony's PS4 Pro.

Xbox Project Scorpio is not a response to Sony's PS4 Pro?
Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer has been known in the tech circle for fielding interesting questions on Twitter, which what he was doing for years.

Recently, he teased a message, saying that Microsoft is making Xbox plans for Xbox customers only, not in response to others. Spencer didn't specify a name of the rival companies on his tweet. Fortunately, Spencer has received some good response from Twitter user @MasyerGaming, where it asked Spencer if the Microsoft company is keeping its promise of 6 teraflop GPU on the upcoming gaming console, Xbox project Scorpio.

Of course, the Xbox chief made a reply, suggesting that nothing has changed for Microsoft since the console announcement and that Microsoft will stick to its plans and promises. Xbox Project Scorpio will have the 6 TFLOPs of GPU performance and Microsoft claims that it will enable native 4K console gaming on board, which the PS4 Pro has trouble figuring out.

In addition, Microsoft made a bold claim that Xbox Project Scorpio will basically deliver a new era of 4K console gaming that we haven't seen before, even with the Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro.

Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio is set for release next year. It's expected to have a strong combination of Vega CPU hardware and AMD Zen CPU to enable native 4K high-performance gaming.

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