Nintendo Switch News & Update: More Details And Release Date Coming Next Month? Nintendo Still Hides Amazing Features From The Public?


Nintendo confirmed on Tuesday details of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Presentation event next year. The gaming company also announced that it will be live streaming the Nintendo Switch Presentation from Tokyo on Jan. 12, according to MIC. The live stream will start at 8 p.m. PT / 11 p.m. ET. Nintendo fans will be able to watch it through the company's official site.

However, the Nintendo announcement did not mention what details will be revealed. Many expect Nintendo to talk about the launch line-up and possibly, reveal the initial price tag and the full specs of the console.

Although the Japanese gaming giant provided a decent amount of info about the upcoming game console last October, there are still plenty of details that remain unanswered.

The console is said to launch in March 2017 and it's capable of running modern games. What does the word "modern" mean when compared with other modern gaming consoles? Like the Xbox Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4? That's remained unanswered. What the crowd really wants know is that if the game console is capable of running the upcoming "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." Then, there are the stories of the Activision and Ubisoft, bringing their games to the Nintendo system and more.

According to Polygon, there are still plenty of things people should know about this gaming console. Recent patent applications filed by Nintendo also show some promising features that could be coming to the system. These include a gyroscope, GPS, touch screen, compass, motion tracking, image recognition and the ability to project images onto a flat surface or hand. Unfortunately, these features have not been revealed to the public.

In October, the company released a video unveiling the hybrid gaming console, which features a dock that allows the gaming console to connect to a TV with two removable Joy-Con controllers that straddle the console's screen. After that October unveiling was a long radio silence, with Nintendo tight-lipped on everything.

Nintendo is expected to deliver the most accurate and possibly the full complete details about the upcoming hardware, which said to serve as both a home console and portable console. Among the first news still waiting to be delivered are the initial price tag of the system, the exact release date, and complete details of the hardware specification.

According to TIME, the Nintendo event in Tokyo event will be followed immediately by a press event in New York City on Jan. 13. Nintendo said the five-hour Switch event in New York City will further emphasize some of the details that Nintendo plans to announce.

Fans will get more about the gaming console on January, but in the meantime, they can watch Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show" on Youtube, where Fallon made some interesting discussion about the upcoming console Nintendo Switch. Stay Tuned for more Nintendo update.

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