PlayStation 5 Latest News And Update: PS5 To Push Through With More Powerful Specs? [Video]


Sony is undoubtedly doing its best in creating powerful consoles of this generation and the latest release of the PS4 Pro is proof that they've been continuously doing its part. PlayStation fans are expecting to see the most powerful PlayStation 5 console.

There had been reports on the possible specs of the PlayStation 5, which is expected to be compatible with the previously released consoles, the PS4 and PS4 Pro. It is also reported that there might be architectural changes like more CPU cores - the powerful ones, as well as the GCN cores.

With the high standards of the PS4 Pro, there are high hopes for the PlayStation 5 that this console will carry the improvements of the PS4 Pro. It is expected that the rumored console will give a higher boost in 4K gaming as well as give the system a boost in order for the titles to run smoothly as 60fps which is the standard.

Now that Sony had successfully released the PS4 Pro console making the company hit the $50 million milestone, many people are left guessing if Sony would still continue with their plans to release the PlayStation 5. If there are any plans of developing one, the date of release is another concern. As everyone know, creating game consoles are way different from the smartphones where a company can release one every year or two.

Game consoles can last 5 to 7 years and console developers just come up with an update or patches every now and then. However, it's still possible for Sony to create a new console and there had been predictions as to when this console will be released. In a Twitter post, a tech expert from Macquarie, Damian Thong predicted that the PlayStation 5 will possibly come out in 2018.

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