‘Ark Survival Evolved’ Latest Update: What PS4 Players Expect & How To Get Access To TEK Giga Skin (Limited Time Only) [Video]


"ARK Survival Evolved" was big hit when it was initially released in 2015 and now it has just been released for PS4 and PS4 Pro with plenty of things for the survivors or players to discover. Since the PS4 edition remains unfinished, players will surely have to expect few things.

According to Studio Wildcard, "ARK Survival Evolved" players will expect constant update until the "content complete" version is launched in Spring 2017. The developer has also plans to add more creatures, game mechanics, armor and lifestyle improvements. Expect to see the game "evolve" for over a lifetime, it's a work-in-progress game.

Players will probably see the new additions in the "ARK Survival Evolved" in few weeks or a month as well as the very first patch. Note that the developer is planning for a complete redesign and expansion of the game so players will expect to see the following:

  •  New tier of weapons
  •  Structure and items dubbed the TEK tier
  •  Increased game performance and optimization
  •  Per-pixel canvass painting
  •  Infinite customizable Procedurally Created ARKs
  •  Hair customization
  •  "Ascension" end-game cycle
  •  Limited time holiday events
  •  Expanded menagerie of wondrous creatures.

Following the PS4 launch of the "ARK Survival Evolved," the players will have a chance to get access to the TEK Giga skin. The PlayStation exclusive skins access will only be given to the players who can tame the Giganotosaurus while the players who can defeat the Manticore in the "Scorched Earth" will get access to the Manticore Armor.

However, in a Twitter post, Studio Wildcard said that the exclusive access to the skins and Manticore Armor set for the "Ark Survival Evolved" will be at a limited time only and once the game hits full release, it will be available in all platforms. So, players are urged to grab the chance while they still can.

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