‘Watchdogs 2’ News And Update: Why T-Bone Chaos Bundle Delayed; T-Bone Chaos Event To Happen On The Week Of Release [Video]


The "Watchdogs 2" DLC T-Bone Chaos bundle release is yet again delayed and is moved to Dec. 22. The delay is not the first, but developers reasoned it is for the sake of improving the game futher. Check out why Ubisoft had to cancel the release of the "Watchdogs 2" DLC for few times.

Ubisoft admitted that the reason was because they have been listening to players and taking into consideration the suggestions for the better development of the "Watchdogs 2" DLC. The developers wanted to make sure that the players get to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience and having the multiplayer ability of the game at the launch made the developers to decide to delay the release.

Meanwhile, the recent delay was because of the recent patch that the "Watchdogs 2" received. The developers had to work out the solution to the lingering problem, particularly the multiplayer issue. Ubisoft said that they have to fix the multiplayer issue first and make sure of its functionality before they release the" Watchdogs 2" DLC. Also, the updates require additional development resources so they decided to move the release.

Now that the "Watchdogs 2" DLC T-Bone Chaos Bundle for PS4 is coming on Dec. 22, what are the key things that players can expect? According to Ubisoft, the content will revolve around Raymond Kenney, also known as T-Bone including his attire, his modified school bus complete with bulldozer to create extra chaos.

Ubisoft understands the excitement of the players for the upcoming DLC of the "Watchdogs 2" T-Bone Chaos Bundle and so they are treating their fans to a T-Bone Chaos event which will happen just before the release date. The event will run for four weeks starting Dec. 19. The event which will have a "themed challenge every week will be free to all players and will also a chance for them to earn in-game money and "unique event rewards."

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