‘Soul Calibur’ Update: Dubbed As Dreamcast’s Best Game Ever; Fans Clamoring for ‘Soul Calibur VI’

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Frequently dubbed as Dreamcast's best game ever, "Soul Calibur," which was released in 1998 is also considered as the ultimate in 3D games developed by Project Soul and produced by Namco. Now, almost 20 years later, fans are clamoring for the sixth installment "Soul Calibur VI" series, though not much had been revealed by its producers yet about its date of release or if there is such series coming up.

However, fans are steaming with excitement because of a recent tweet that Bandai Namco Games has tweeted over its official Soul Calibur twitter account. It apparently released a teaser image showing a familiar silhouette of what seems to be fan-favorite character Ivy, along with words, "Guess Who," wrote.

Reports also added that a possibility of a remake of the game would be done specifically that the characters like Natsu, Kilik, Sophitia, and Knightmare, which was shown in the leaked concept artwork look much younger than the preceded depiction of the "Soul Calibur 5."

Much to the dismayed of the fans, the company did not announce any new series of the game during the Electronic Expo 2016 and Gamescom 2016 but the company apparently focused its attention on their flagship title "Tekken 7," and "Little Nightmares." This could also be observed in the company's official website wherein no news whatsoever could be found pinning about a "Soul Caliber VI" series.

It is worth noting that "Soul Calibur" of Dreamcast is one of the greatest fighters ever made, with stunning graphics, satisfying gameplay and the Mission Master mode adds plenty of longevity. It is also one of the console's most critically acclaimed games, Seganerds revealed.

Why have the frustrations and clamor for another series of the game fell to deaf ears, that we did not know for sure but gamers are still in high hopes that "Soul Caliber VI" series will apparently be released, as fans undoubtedly want more about this historical fantasy version of the 16th century with mythical swords "Soul Edge" and "Soul Calibur."

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