‘The Seven Deadly Sins' Gets New Anime Series; ‘The Seven Scars Left Behind’ English Novel Slated To Be Released In May 2017

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Following a series of successful and positive reviews from its viewers in the recently ended 4-episode manga series "The Seven Deadly Sins- Signs of Holy War," there is no doubt that the Japanese anime series is becoming so popular worldwide. Anime News Network noted that another television anime series is brewing just around the corner.

This got fans excited, although there is no official details as to when it will be aired but the announcement also entails that the "Nanatsu No Taizai" manga series is a proof that Japanese anime fans are indeed huge and surprisingly getting bigger. Since its inception in 2012 published in a weekly Japanese magazine, it has already collected twenty-three volumes as of August 2016.

Much to the delight of Japenese anime fans, it was aired on television in January 2015 with its English moniker "The Seven Deadly Sins," which up until now is still making a buzz and was available recently on Netflix dubbed and subtitled, Anime News Network reported. 

Since fans seem wanting for more, a new series has also been put in the pan but this time it is an English Novel that will be released on May 2017, titled  "The Seven Deadly Sins: The Seven Scars Left Behind" to be published by Vertical. The novel is written by Shuka Matsuda and "The Deadly Seven Sins" creator Nakaba Suzuki provided the illustrations.

To those who would want to join the bandwagon and curious of why this series tick, it is still never too late follow on. Most reviews and opinions from netizens and Japanese anime fans in Goodreads majorly rate it a 5-star manga series.

It can be noted, that "The Deadly Seven Sins" is set in a fantasy world representing medieval Europe, the story revolves around the seven feared warriors-the Seven Deadly Sins who were accused of trying to overthrow the monarchy and were sent to exile. Princess Elizabeth discovers the truth that the Sins were framed by the king's guard, the Holy Knights. Seeing that she's too late to prevent the king's guard from assassinating her father and seizing her throne, she is now on the run seeking for the seven sins for help in reclaiming her kingdom.

Exciting as it may seem but this is the very reason why this manga series has become a huge success, with anime fans clamoring for more.

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