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‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Update: New Character Debuts?


The third season of "Tokyo Ghoul" is scheduled to be relased in 2017 and this is a sigh of relief for fans who did not take its 2016 cancellation too well. A new character is slated to make an appearance and his name is Haise Sasaki, a ghoul investigator with a black and white colored hair.

Haise Sasaki has a lot of resemblance to Kaneki Ken because they are the same person. In the "Tokyo Ghoul" manga, Kaneki did not die when he was beaten up badly by Arima. Arima brought him to the Commission of Counter Ghoul and that is where he got his new name of Haise Sasaki.

According to HNGN, it would not be a smart move for "Tokyo Ghoul" to push through its plans for a third season because of how much money it made. It actually landed in the top 10 of Japan's manga series. However, production delayed the making of the third season. Some episodes are actually to be televised but not all so it would be up to the creators of the series to speed things up to complete the set of Season 3.

"Tokyo Ghoul", according to Anime News Network, follows the story of Ken Kaneki, a bookworm college student who meets Rize at a coffee shop he often goes to. They end up becoming close because they are the same age and have the same interests too. However, Kaneki does not know that Rize is a ghoul, which is a kind of monster that survives by feasting on human flesh. A part of Rize's special organ (the red child) gets inside into Kaneki and he becomes a ghoul himself, beginning their journey towards survival in a world where humans are not the most dominant species.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming season of "Tokyo Ghoul."

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