‘Bloodborne’ Latest News And Update: ‘Bloodborne 2’ Possible? [Video]


Despite the fact that there aren't any fresh updates about "Bloodborne," the possibility of creating "Bloodborne 2" popped out of nowhere and is recently being discussed by the fans of the game.

Fans hope that From Software will create a spiritual successor to "Bloodborne" like that of "Demons Souls" followed by "Dark Souls." However, it may seem impossible since the game is created to have a concise story where everything is connected and the game, others say, is a standalone.

Bloodborne has been consistently undergoing updates and patches for better gaming experience while there are still no word from the developer whether or not to create a sequel. Fans had expressed their full support for the "Bloodborne 2" if there were any.

Since "Bloodborne's" release, it had won three awards which includes: Best Original Game and PlayStation Game of the Year at the Golden Joysticks Awards 2015 and Best Game Design at the 12th British Academy Games Awards. Apart from the awards, the game was also sold over a million copies, so this is one of the reasons why fans are rooting for  "Bloodborne 2," IGN reported.  

From Software can create a good game from the "Armored Series" to "Demon's Souls" and now "Bloodborne." The developer has the potential to develop a game that creates big impact in the gaming industry. However, despite this potential, "Bloodborne 2"" cannot be expected at the moment since the president of From Software, Hidetaka Miyazaki has been busy working on the "Dark Souls 3" downloadable content.

Besides, it has been previously reported Miyazaki said that they want to try to make new things and there's no plan to create a sequel, spin-offs or tie-ins though they are not closing any doors. Miyazaki added that he can't say that the possibility is zero percent. So, expect that "Bloodborne" will stay for several years.

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