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GoPro Hero 5: Best For Extreme Water Activities, Waterproof 33ft Without Housing; Checkout Its Features


Deep sea-diving enthusiasts who have now GoPro Hero 5 on hand have something to brag about. The notable features of it boast as one of the greatest hits of GoPro cameras including its superb image quality, effective electronic image stabilization, great microphones, additional still image functions, improved design, and its greatest feature that is waterproof without a case in a water deep range of 10 meters.

It is a compact camera that has everything an extreme water activity-goer wants. The grippy, rubberized feel of it added its peculiar feature, which now has a more rounded corners. The camera's dimension has also changed, which would no longer suit certain older accessories and mounts, Trustedreviews warned.

GoPro Hero 5 took the torch of being extreme when it comes to deep-sea diving as it can go 10 meters deep without any worry and without the use of a housing, however, if one wants to go deeper then a waterproof housing is still optional.

Trustedreviews added that comparing it to other models, GoPro Hero 5 is more well covered specifically when it comes to the internals of the camera, it has a more greatly reinforced battery, microSD and connection port covers.

The improved and high-end technology it offers to consumers have earned positive remarks about the device's features specifically with its vivid 2" touchscreen display, where one can preview and play back shots, change settings and trim footages. A built-in GPS module is also installed to capture the location of photos and videos taken.

Documenting life's memories are made easier through GoPro Hero 5 as voice control feature enables a user to enjoy a hands-free control of the device using simple voice commands. There is also a single press of the shutter button that powers the camera on and starts recording automatically, has shown.

GoPro Hero 5 not only gives comfortable feel when it comes to its rubberized exterior, but the real benefit of it all is that it is an improvised gadget that grasps the needs and wants of time.

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