'Street Fighter V' News & Update: Five Remaining Characters Uncovered For The 2017 DLC Character


"Street Fighter V" fans are already speculating about the remaining five new characters, which said to join the roster by next year. But unlike the previous DLC characters that were reportedly unveiled to the mainstream audience before their official announcement, the 2017 DLC character remains a mystery, not even a hint was given.

Capcom director Takayuki Nakayama previously announced that the five upcoming new DLC fighters are "brand new to the Street Fighter universe." The latest rumors, which appears on EventHubs, could be possible, but these have not yet confirmed by the developer.

As what stated on the EventHubs, the first suspected character will be Helen, which already appeared in the cinematic story mode of the game. Given Helena's recent role in Nash's revival, this could be possible.

The second rumored character will be Goutetsu. The master of Akuma and Gouken and a weapon specialist, Goutetsu may stand a great chance of being selected as the next Street Fighters characters. He also the founder of Ansatsuken, which is the martial art used by Street Fighter mainstays Ryu, Ken, and others.

Another speculated to be the third DLC fighter is Matthew McCoy. The Delta Red member has reported being the weapon specialist for his team. He is rumored to have some kind of cybernetic enhancements. His profile also shows that he holds a built-in special weapon on his right arm.

The fourth suspected character might be the experimental doll commanded by M. Bison, Satsuki.The experimental doll has appeared to be a highly skillful, but secretive one.

Finally, the last suspected character could be Luke, which has already been picked as one of the characters in Capcom's canceled game "Capcom Fighting All-Stars." His CFN profile describes him as a fighter who prefers to use kicks.

In other Street Fighters news, Akuma will also be available on Dec. 20 along with his story content and the Premium Battle and Nostalgia outfits. Capcom has also announced that five remaining DLC characters will follow Akuma next year.

Developed by Capcom, "Street Fighter V" is a fighting video game developed for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The game is the sixth installment in the Street Fighter game series.

"Street Fighter V" Season 2 DLC will be arriving in December, with Akuma as the first season 2 DLC character for Street Fighter 5. Akuma was revealed recently at the PlayStation Experience, players can get more about Akuma through the Capcom CFN Portal site.

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