‘Mass Effect’ Latest Update: What To Expect From ‘Andromeda’ After Learning Lessons From ‘Mass Effect 3’; Older Ryder Is The New Antagonist? [Video]


Developer of "Mass Effect 3" admitted that its end drew different views from the players which now serve as guide in the creation of "Mass Effect: Andromeda." Meanwhile, while fans kept waiting to the Andromeda, developers of the game posted a tweet which somehow hinted a new antagonist is on the rise.

Being the first game developer to create a trilogy spanning story where choices mattered, they didn't expect the results at the end. Mac Walters said in an interview that they learned that it is important for the players to carry the characters they had invested with so much effort all throughout the game until the end.

Although some people loved the ending, it also gained negative response as BioWare wasn't able to fulfill their promises and so, BioWare said that they have learned a lesson from the failures in "Mass Effect 3". However, the creation of the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" will be influenced by the third series.

Players are expected to see a whole new different role playing experience where choices of the player will create a big impact in the course of the story and it's going to have consequence according to Walters. Furthermore, Walters added that they want to make an organic scenario where players can make choices that could make an impact the ending of "Mass Effect: Andromeda."

Walters also clarified their plans to continue the "Mass Effect: Andromeda," so this will be just the beginning but note that this is not going to be another trilogy. He also hinted two new protagonists of the game, Scott and Sara Ryder, and while their father sometimes does have some villainous act, a lot of fans drew into conclusion that maybe the older Ryder is the new antagonist.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" is one of the highly-anticipated video game title for 2017.

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