Oculus Rift Update: Can They Remain Competitive Despite The Pricey Touch Controller?

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To complete the Oculus Rift package, Facebook has already launched its partner, the Touch controller which earned positive feedback from the setup to the tutorial, its functionality, design, performance, and software. However, can Oculus Rift compete with other VR in the market?

As expected, a lot of users were excited to get a hand on the Oculus Rift Touch controller which is said to be perfect for the VR gaming world. It is easy to setup and as for the design, to some users, it is a masterpiece. Using the Touch controller to pick up gun and fire in the game just feels natural. The controller perfectly fits in the palm for better grip. Others also say it has reliable tracking capability and some winning exclusive games.

When the Oculus Rift was launched with the VR Headset only, it had a pricing advantage compared to HTC Vive where Oculus Rift for a price of $599 is $200 cheaper than the Vive while other VR headsets costs $300. Now that the Touch controller is available at an additional price of $199, isn't it a bit pricey?

To some users, it may cost them additional but if it will give them the best experience in VR gaming, then it must not be a problem. The Touch controller maybe as expensive as the Vive but since it supports cheaper computers is a plus to other users. Apart from the price, other users also encountered some problem with the Touch where they suffer a 180-degree blind spot. Others also experienced having to turn back when shooting an enemy or picking up an object thus making the controller to not function and in this case, users are advised to purchase Rift sensor for $79.

Despite the few negative feedback on the Touch controller, the Rift may still remain competitive considering the 50 VR playable games for the Oculus Rift Touch may just cover up the issue.

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