‘Destiny 2’ Updates: Complete Overhaul, New Planet’s Larger Playable Arena, No Carry Over Characters [Rumors]; ‘Destiny 2’ On PC? [Video]

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"Destiny 2" may follow a complete overhaul of the game, starting with a new planet that has a larger playable area and new characters not crossed over from the first game. "Destiny" may also be available on PC, which is a logical move for Bungie to capture a new and potential market.

There have been various speculations about the sequel to the popular "Destiny" game and these are from people with access to inside information. "Destiny: The Taken King" director Luke Smith and executive producer Mark Noseworthy will take the same roles respectively for "Destiny 2."

Rumors say that both Smith and Noseworthy have abandoned the old storyline for the "Destiny" sequel and are planning to bring drastic changes to the game. Taking cue from Blizzard's direction with "Diablo 2," Bungie may opt to go for different plotlines and characters into "Destiny 2."

Blizzard's "Diablo 2" established its connection to the first game but did not allow a cross-over of characters and even content into the sequel. According to a NeoGAF post by benny_a who claims to have a friend in Activision, "Destiny 2" will take place in a different planet, possibly Jupiter or Saturn, which offers a larger playable arena, according to Kotaku.

Moreover, there will be a different progression system for the "Destiny 2," drastically changing the core mechanics of the first game. This means that player's progression will be wiped out and the community of "Destiny" players will have to start again, according to iDigital Times.

It appears that "Destiny 2" may offer something really big into the gaming world as Bungie enlisted the help of Vicarious Visions as revealed in a Twitter post. Observers say this move by Bungie could be the direct result of its staff reorganization back in April where many of the staff members have moved on to other projects like making Indie games.

However, Bungie has a 750 plus strong manpower working on "Destiny 2," which could see a release by fall 2017. Moreover, "Destiny 2" will be headed for the PC, no longer limited to consoles and now able to tap a newer market of PC gamers.

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