iMac 2017 News & Rumors: Apple To Ditch Kaby Lake In Favor Of Intel Xeon? Apple To Set The March 2017 Event The Target Release Date?


Cupertino-based Apple will probably release the much-anticipated iMac 2017 at the next Apple big event in March 2017. That Apple event will also see the arrival of the new iPad Pro 2.

The new iMac 2017 has been expected to be revealed this year's Apple event. However, the Cupertino-based company has already made three important events and iMacs were reportedly a no-show and no mention in all of those events.

Apple made its last iMac model almost two years ago. That iMac model featured 27-inch of 5K Retina display along with Skylake processor and AMD graphics. That iMac 2015 model did not receive much design overhaul and Apple fans still hoping that the upcoming iMac 2017 will feature some exciting new technology on board.

According to MacRumors, the new iMac 2017 will reportedly feature a 27-inch 5K Retina display, just like the 2015 model. However, the new iMac will offer support for an OLED Touch Bar.

There's also a big possibility the new iMac will pack the Intel Xeon processor instead of Kaby Lake chips. Intel Xeon is currently used in most of the today's high-end workstations and servers due to its impressive processing performance and its ability to reduce programming errors. This has also cited as one of the main reasons why Apple won't show or mention the new iMac in the recent October event. However, the addition of the Xeon processor could result in the price of the iMac getting a significant increase.

Reports also suggest that new device will get hefty upgrades along with some new addition. Apple is expected to tout a Touch ID and support for a USB Type-C Thunderbolt ports. A full flash storage option is also expected to be added.The new iMac 2017 will reportedly be powered by either a Polaris 11 or Polaris 10 GPU from AMD.

But the most anticipated and probably the main highlight is the device upcoming support for virtual reality. In addition to the VR support, the device will feature a powerful GPU for enhanced user experience.

For now, any information about the new iMac 2017 are mere speculations only and has not been confirmed by the Cupertino-based tech giant. No words from the company yet, as Apple decided to remain tight-lipped about this story.

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