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Would The ZenBook 3 Pass As A Macbook 10 Alternative For Windows 10 Fans?


The Asus ZenBook series has always been a tribute to Apple's Macbook Air. For the Zenbook 3, it has drawn comparisons to the 12-inch MacBook and it is definitely a good alternative for those who want a MacBook but still want Windows 10 as the operating system.

According to Amazon, ZenBook 3 can be bought at $1384.94. Also, if it is your first time buying at Amazon, you can get the item delivered straight to your doorstep at no extra charge. The website gives a lot of options for buyers including the item to arrive before Christmas, free delivery if purchased in the UK and the option to choose between Core i5-7200U and Core i7-7500U microprocessors.

The ZenBook 3, according to Alphr, measures 11.9mm deep and weights 910 kg which is 10g lighter than the MacBook. Its overall shape is stretched to accommodate a 12.5 inch 16:9 display compared to MacBook's 16:10 panel.

While the exterior resembles the Macbook, the same can't be said for the internals of the Zenbook 3. It has a Kaby Lake dual-core Core i5-7200U which is not as powerful as a desktop Core i5. It is a steady performer and it is amazing how it is packed into such a small frame.

The storage of the Zenbook 3 does not disappoint in any way as you get 8GB of RAM and a capacious 512GB SATA SSD as standard. It is not as fast as the PCI-E storage of the MacBook but it is fast enough to keep everything as responsive as possible.

Before deciding to buy the laptop, keep in mind the Zenbook 3 only has one connector and that is a single USB Type-C port which is a consequence of its thin design. It does make up for it by including a dangly adaptor in the box, allowing the user to hook up USB-A, USB Type-C and HDMI cables.

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