Windows 10 To Hit 24 Percent Market Share By End Of 2016, Microsoft Surface Phone To Make A Strong Comeback With Windows 10?


Software giant Microsoft is finally making a dent in the mobile market, as Windows 10 continue its relentless assault on the mobile market. The Windows 10 is poised to reach 24 percent market share before this year ends, and the growth is expected to continue up to next year, with no sign of slowing down.

The growth of Windows 10 started during the first half of the year when the free upgrades were offered to the public. The free upgrades offering was delivered through the Windows Update application. However, that offer ended in July, and Windows 10 experienced a dip in the months of September and October.

But now, it looks like its back on the game, as the new OS managed to grab a significant chunk of the world's PC market, according to the latest stat from NetMarketShare. The new platform had already broken 23.72 percent of the market for the first time, while its predecessor, the Windows 7, still going strong at 47 percent.

Microsoft Has Finally Found A Quick Fix To Its Mobile Conundrum?

Microsoft has made an impressive mobile comeback by offering a Windows 10 Enterprise edition powered by a Qualcomm ARM chip. This means that the software giant hasn't given up its fight for the mobile market and now has the solution to keep alive in the market.

As stated in the company's blog spot, the full-featured ARM-powered Windows 10 tablet will be able to run all of the Windows 10 software, including productivity software like Office apps and much more. It can also run non-Microsoft software like Adobe apps and more.

The last time the software behemoth has tried its luck in the mobile world, it failed miserably, for some good reason, a lack of mobile apps and backings for the wireless companies. That device was called Windows RT and it only ran a subset of Windows apps. The company has already killed that project.

Microsoft's initial success with the Surface PC could be a good start for the company's new attempt to get on the mobile action.

In addition, Microsoft has also acquired pen technology from startup companies, brought in augmented reality technology, developed AI and biometric security for Windows 10 platform, thus making the Windows 10 an enterprise-grade, feature-rich operating system.

The Once-Troubled Microsoft Windows Phone Could Finally Make A Strong Comeback With Windows 10

The software giant has already admitted its mobile defeat with Windows Phone platform, but today's mobile market offered something different. It's offering a good sign of life for the struggling mobile platform, a chance for Microsoft to get back into the mobile game.

According to Express, Microsoft is readying the stage for the Surface Phone's return in the mobile market. The company is reportedly working with HP for a new breed of mobile device.

Windows Phone might never be as sexy as Apple's iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but it has one big strength in the enterprise mobile market that its rivals lack. It has a plethora of Windows 10 features that allow IT professionals and enterprises to manage Windows-powered devices with the same software they already use to manage their IT. Plus, the vast amount of enterprise tools it has already on its turf, which includes Office suite, Lync, Skype and more.

According to some analyst, the software giant's unrivaled position in the enterprise market may pave the way for the strong mobile comeback.

Online collaboration and enterprise mobility are becoming standard features in today's business environment. Microsoft, with its vast arsenal of business tools such as Office and Lync, is uniquely well positioned to provide those office productivity tools to business users while at the same time adding more value by integrating with all the enterprise IT tools they already use to manage their IT. Overall, Microsoft has the perfect sales pitch when it comes to mobile enterprise IT.

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