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Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which is Better?


For those who enjoy an Amazon Echo vs Google Home comparison, there are a number of factors to be considered. A concerned buyer should take a look at all factors before deciding which one to purchase.

According to How to Geek, both devices in the Amazon Echo vs Google Home comparison have great tastes in music as Echo uses Amazon's Prime Music service while Google Home uses Google Play Music. Both are good sources for streaming today's hottest tunes. However, Google Play Music has 35 million songs while Amazon Prime Music only has around two million songs so Google wins in terms of quantity.

Both devices in Amazon Echo vs Google Home, according to Digital Trends, have to be plugged in a socket in order to function. This means it is not portable as it must be placed somewhere that is near a socket. Goggle did mention that tethering it to an outlet actually makes it a better speaker.

Google Chrome has the edge over the Amazon Echo, in the Amazon Echo vs Google Home, comparison in terms of physical controls, even though both have the basic controls on the device that enables the user to turn adjust the volume and mute the microphone. The Google Chrome has an entire top surface is an easy-to-control touchpad and relies on finger gestures to control everything. The touchpad allows the user to adjust the volume, play or pause the music and activate Google Home to begin listening right away.

In an interesting development in the Amazon Echo vs Google Home comparison, Google Home is actually cheaper as it is priced at $129 while Amazon Echo has a price tag of $79. It would be interesting to see how low Amazon would get in terms of price as they already dropped the price from $200 to $180 before.

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