Air Force One: Features of An Impressive Flying Fortress


President-elect Donald Trump is not happy with finding out how much the next Air Force One aircrafts cost. He's been vocal about renegotiating the deal with Boeing for the next generation of "flying White Houses" but it is for this very reason why the plane is ridiculously expensive.

The plane is supposed to provide the president services available in the White House.

The current Air Force One was acquired back in 1987. The 2 new planes being commissioned for an estimated $3-4 billion will be ready by 2024.

According to Vox, 'Air Force One' started as a call sign when presidential flight had the same aviation call sign to a commercial carrier. Technically from then on, any Air Force aircraft that carried the president became Air Force One. Any plane in the US military for that matter.

The plane became the symbol of America's military might, CNBC reports that for every hour of its flight, President Obama's Air Force One costs $206,337, according to a Freedom of Information Act letter obtained by the nonprofit Judicial Watch.

Air Force One is a custom Boeing 747-200 that has 3 levels and 4,000 sq. ft. of interior space that includes a conference room, offices for senior staff, a medical operating room, press area, 2 food preparation galleys and the president's private quarters that has a mini gym, lavatory, shower and sleeping quarters.

Some impressive features and security details:

  • The plane can accommodate 76 passengers with an in-flight crew of about 26. It's kitchen staff can prepare food for 100 people.

  • Apart from the pilot and pilot, there's an engineer and a navigator in the cockpit. A doctor is on board in each flight.

  • When not in flight, the plane stays in a heavily guarded hangar in Andrews Air Force base.

  • The 63-feet tall plane has 2 entrances with built in staircases and bullet proof windows.

  • It was the capacity to refuel in mid-air. A team of contractors inspect airplane fuels.

  • The plane can withstand a nuclear blast nearby. Its equipped with flares and an electronic countermeasure defense system.

  • There are multi frequency radios and phone lines for secured and unclassified calls onboard.

  • Air Force One has an oval office and a situation room onboard complete with teleconferencing facilities.

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