Reasons For Delayed Release Of ‘Tokyo Ghoul 3’ Revealed; Fans Remain Pessimistic About The Show Despite Delays

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The interesting end of the second season of "Tokyo Ghoul" had left fans to crave for more which makes the wait for "Tokyo Ghoul 3" even more exciting. But there had been reports stating that fans will have to wait a little longer despite the show being slated for summer of 2017.

According to Fandom, since the story was adapted to the manga series, there had been not enough content to create "Tokyo Ghoul 3." It could be easier to consider creating an original story and ditch the manga but, from the fans' perspective, manga adaptations have been loved by anime fans.

Another report also claim that the delay was due to the changes in the show's management as it was transferred to Madman Entertainment from Studio Pierrot. With the changes in management, fans can hope for a big hit for "Tokyo Ghoul 3" since Madman was behind the hit series "One Punch Man" and "Death Note." Another reason is lack of manpower since the producer is also working on the "Tokyo Ghoul" movie.

Despite the waiting game for the release of "Tokyo Ghoul 3," fans still remain pessimistic that the show will be able to satisfy their expectations and compensate their long wait. Certainly, fans just want a good story with a plot that wasn't rushed and most especially the consistent quality of the animation and so they understand why they have to wait.

Spoilers had already began circulating online despite having lack of enough details from the producers of "Tokyo Ghoul 3." There will also reports that the third season will start from where the second season ended, only this season's plot will be darker and Kaneki Ken is rumored to become a ghoul.

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