MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 Beta Update For Developers: Maintenance & Bug Fixes; Graphics Issue In MacBook Pro Finally Resolved? [Video]


Apple has seeded its latest MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 beta update for developers featuring maintenance-related modifications and a few bug fixes. MacBook Pro owners are hoping that the newest beta update on MacOS Sierra will finally resolve the graphics issue without the need to replace expensive hardware components or the hassle of visiting an Apple store.

The newest MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 beta update was seeded by Apple last Thursday, Dec. 8 and it is the sixth beta update overall, the second in just three days. The frequency of the beta updates prompted speculations that a full MacOS update may be released soon, barely two months after the last Oct. 24 release.

The sixth MacOS beta update provides maintenance-related issues, minor bug fixes, and new features. The emojis that come with the update are also featured in the iOs 10.2 beta, matching the Unicode 9.0 standard.

The new emojis in the latest MacOS Sierra beta update include clown face, face palm, selfie, fox face, butterfly, shark, bacon, avocado and many more. There are also additional emojis featuring different professions for both female and male, 9to5Mac reported.

There are also redrawn or upgraded emojis that appear more realistic instead of having a cartoonish rendering. New wallpapers are also included in the MacOS beta update where color explosion options are introduced much like the ones used for marketing the iPhone.

Moreover, the MacOS 10.12.2 beta update also gave references to new GPUs, namely, the Radeon RX 490, 475 and 485, which rumors say are AMD's newest chips that will be unveiled soon. However, there is yet no concrete evidence to back up this speculation and AMD has made no comment on the matter.

The most important feature of the newest MacOS Sierra beta update is that it comes with a few bug fixes particularly resolving the graphics issue affecting a good number of MacBook Pro 2016 owners who have experienced colors that are too bright almost neon-like. This resulted in machines forgetting which GPU is currently onboard and thereby causing extensive on-screen glitches according to Digital Trends.

This is an unpleasant surprise for many who have purchased the Apple laptop because of its high resolution images. By seeding the MacOS 10.12.2 beta update, Apple has finally addressed the glitches and saving users a trip to the Apple store or the expense of buying new hardware.

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