‘GTA 6’ Update: Check Out Why London Is The Perfect Location; New Way To Earn Profit In ‘GTA Online Revealed’ [Video]


Now that the development works for the "GTA 6" is underway, fans are wondering where will the setting be. In forums and social media sites, fans are sharing their ideas and observations on the upcoming franchise of "Grand Theft Auto," especially when it comes to the location.

Location is an important aspect of the game and fans of "GTA 6" are quick to share their thoughts especially with regard to game location. However, gamers continue to speculate on the game's exact location. Some are quick to point out that since the developer is from North America, it is only right to make it happen in one of its cities while other fans suggest Sicily, Italy, HNGN reported.

Despite all the speculations and the suggestions, they have all been debunked as new confirmations from Rockstar that strengthens why London is interestingly a perfect location for the 'GTA 6':

First GTA to happen in Europe

"GTA" has always been set in America and it would be interesting see it happening in other city outside the U.S. and it happens, "GTA 6" might just be another Vice City.

Majority of Police do not carry guns

Only selected police officers are carry weapons in Britain and the street patrolling police officers aren't armed. With this fact, Rockstar will be able to create new ways to handle police in the game.

Historical place

Edinburgh, being filled with so much history could give "GTA 6" a whole new gaming experience.

The place may sound amazing but it is still Rockstar's decision to choose what location best suits their game's story. While fans are waiting for the latest update on the upcoming "GTA 6," why not check out the new ways to earn profit in "GTA Online." 

With the latest 'GTA 5' Import/Export update for 'GTA Online,' players can modify the rare and expensive vehicles and then sell it back for profit and will require talent, tactics and skills, iDigitalTimes reported.

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