HP Spectre X360 Vs. MacBook Pro W/ Touch Bar: Performance, Design, Pricing; Choosing Windows 10 Is More Cost-Effective? [Video]


The battle of the thinnest laptops begins with the HP Spectre X360 Vs. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar based on key specs on performance, design and even pricing. However, choosing Windows 10 as operating system is more cost-effective in the long run because of extensive Windows support, not to mention lower maintenance cost.

Thin But Powerful

When it comes to performance, the HP Spectre X360 and MacBook Pro have almost identical specs although Apple's dual core Intel i5 processor may have a slight edge. However, the HP CPU has the seventh generation Kaby Lake model while the MAcBook Pro has the sixth generation Skylake model.

In raw clock speed, again both laptops perform similarly, but the HP Spectre X360 may have an edge for it can easily upgrade into the Intel Core i7 with extra cost. However, the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has a bigger maximum storage size at 256/512GB or 1TB SSD while the Spectre only has 256/512GB.

The MacBook Pro also has better onboard Intel Iris graphics chips that are more superior than the HP Spectre X360's HD Graphics. Moreover, Apple has a far superior display resolution and a Touch Bar that optimizes the laptop user's experience with shortcuts similar to Macros of old.

When it comes to battery life, the HP Spectre X360 can last up to 15 hours while the MacBook Pro is only at 10 hours. However, these are benchmarking figures that have not been tested in the real world use of the devices according to Digital Trends.

Thin, Light and Portable

When it comes to size and weight, the HP Spectre X360 and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar have very minimal differences. The Spectre weighs 2.58 pounds while the MacBook is at 3.02 pounds.

The HP Spectre x360 is slightly taller at 12.03x8.58x0.54 inches as to MacBook Pro with Touch Bar's 11.9x8.36x0.59 inches. However, the Spectre has an edge in overall design for it's a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that can also act as a laptop, making the Spectre rank high in portability for it technically carries two devices.

The Price of Thin

The HP Spectre X360 retails at $1,050 dollars while the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is at $1,800 dollars. Just adding a few more, a buyer can have two Spectre laptops with Apple's hefty price that is still expensive at $1,500 dollars without the Touch Bar.

To recap, the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar ranks high in performance and quality, but the HP Spectre X360 wins in portability, versatility and value-for-money. Moreover, Quora users say that the Spectre has a better OS, the Windows 10, with more compatible software, technical support, anti-virus solutions and low-cost maintenance as compared to MacOS Sierra.

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