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'Civilization VI' New Trailer: Behind the Scenes, Sean Bean's Reaction On Character Killed In Game's Trailer


Magnificent graphics, great musical background plus the husky voice of famous actor Sean Bean all made the fans excited and yanking to their feet to play the hit PC exclusive Sid Meir's "Civlization VI" after seeing the new trailer being released just recently.

Bean lent his voice talent to "Civilization VI," helping craft the grand and high stakes atmosphere, dualshockers reported. He  differentiated his experiences between recording in films to recording for video games, saying that one should use its voice with more effects and create an atmosphere which fans and netizens agreed, commending his extraordinary voice acting.

Bean smirked and added that recording in a video game gives certain advantage too of not actually memorizing the line but just reading them. He advised actors who would want to try the new genre to remain as truthful as you are in filming.When asked about his thoughts on his character being killed off in the game's trailer, Bean just shrugged off and grinned, adding that he flippantly thought his character did not actually die.

Grand as it is, "Civilization VI" had also offered a music of a "celebratory feel...a very Euro-centric" according to composer Christopher Tin, which he uses tricks and orchestration to create a sweeping, soaring feeling of flight, in a video posted by iDigitaltimes. Tin stressed that he was actually brought into the process relatively late in the game and didn't have a lot of time. However, he was grateful with time pressure because he has to get creative fast.

He revealed that he did not spend a lot of late nights locked in his room, but just sitting at his piano, noodling, playing around and trying a lot of different things. Tin added that after the long, late night improvisation sessions came the 16 bars that are the main theme of Sogno di Volari

It can be noted that 'Civilization' is the first game Tin had ever composed for, and "Civilization IV's" iconic theme "Baba Yetu" was the first piece of music he'd ever written for a game.

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