Apple iPhone 8 2017 With Curved OLED Display To Be Manufactured in The U.S.?


Following the current buzz regarding the 2017 Apple iPhone model, which is believed to be the iPhone 8, is another rumor that the new model will possibly manufactured in the U.S.

One of the promises made by President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign was to enforce domestic manufacturing laws for U.S. companies, which includes Apple. Trump even said that he wants to see Apple products manufactured in the US.

To heed Trump's call, Apple has started their research for the possible transfer of their production of Apple iPhone to the U.S.

According to Digital Spy, the rumor started when Trump recounted his conversation with Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook in an interview with The New York Times. He then urged Cook to transfer at least part of the production to the U.S. Now that Foxconn - Apple's supplier - had already shown interest in investing in the transfer, can Apple be persuaded to produce iPhones on American soil?

Transfering manufacturing operations is not an easy decision to make even for Apple.  There are plenty of things to consider, including labor and manufacturing cost when compared to cheaper production costs overseas. Manufacturing cost will increase considering the shipment cost for the materials, which are not available in the U.S. but available within the reach of their manufacturing firm in China.

With increased manufacturing costs, prices for the Apple iPhone products will increase as well. Trump had promised tax cuts though, but that still remains to be seen. So, if Apple indeed decide to make the move, iPhone 8 might be the first iPhone to be made in the US.

The OLED display iPhone 8 will be the next big thing for Apple in 2017 and so there are also big expectations from the manufacturer and the consumers hope that Apple could reach their expectations this time. Aside from the OLED display of the iPhone 8, there are also rumors about the color options which is said to be a deep blue finish and black removing space grey from the option.

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