'Dragon Ball Fusions' Release Date Confirmed for Europe, Australasia and More; Details Here!

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It's been awhile since "Dragon Ball Fusions" announced for North America release. Now, the rosters will head to more regions in February 2017.

"Dragon Ball Fusions Coming to European, Australasian and Middle Eastern Regions

Bandai Namco has just spread the good news for Nintendo 3DS owners in Europe, Middle East and Australasian territories. "Dragon Ball Fusions" will arrive at the respective region in February 2017.

More players will be able to fuse characters from Dragon Ball universe to create powerful fighters and win the battle.

"Dragon Ball Fusions" Release Date Confirmed

Previously, the game was confirmed to hit North America and European countries but no exact date was revealed.

The premier anime video game publisher just announced the release date for "Dragon Ball Fusions" in Europe on Feb. 17, 2017.

North Americans will be able to play "Dragon Ball Fusions" starting from Dec 13. According to NintendoEverything, the Europe release date will coincide with several other countries in Australasian and Middle Eastern regions.

"Dragon Ball Fusions" is the latest game addition for Nintendo 3DS platform. There are customizable characters from various Dragon Ball series where players can create, recruit a group of fighters, and collect elements to level up, RPGamer reported.

 There are five key features in "Dragon Ball Fusions"

1. Avatar

Players can create an avatar based on the "Dragon Ball" character

2. Fly

Reveal new story as player reaches Dragon Ball island

3. Fusions

Recruit and form a fighter group and choose the strongest characters out of hundreds of combinations to win the battle

4. RPG

Based on rock-scissors-paper system, the gameplay progresses as a player reaches a higher level.

5. Photo Fusions

Take a group-pic with friends and fuse into a Dragon Ball character

Check out "Dragon Ball Fusions" announcement trailer in the video below!

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