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Leonardo DiCaprio Shared With Ivanka Trump 'Before The Flood' Climate-Change Documentary DVD [Video]


President-elect Donald Trump does not believe in the extent of climate change. Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's favorite daughter, seems to include climate change as one of her major advocacies. With this twist in the presidential family, Ivanka can readily be enlightened by the famous Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio is one of Ivanka's many leftist, high-calibered friends who believe she will be the only voice of logic in the Trump administration, as reported by The New York Times. The actor had a business meeting with Ivanka in order to mentor her about the dangers of climate change. It was during this private meeting that DiCaprio gave Ivanka a copy of Before the Flood, a National Geographic documentary, that investigates climate change.

Before the Flood offers an engrossing account of the dramatic changes that are now happening globally. The film suggests the action plan that all peoples must do in order to prevent the catastrophe that might destroy life on planet Earth. The documentary records DiCaprio's travel to five continents and the Arctic discussing with activists, world leaders, scientists, and local residents regarding the complex issue of climate change and how the world can curb the problem.

Viewers comment that documentaries are not fun to watch. However, with DiCaprio as the spokesperson of this issue, one can be updated with current trends and be enlightened with a ray of hope. Fisher Stevens, award-winning director of an Oscar for his convincing dolphin documentary The Cove, directs Before the Flood. The movie begins with a reference to the Garden of Earthly Delights which is a painting of Bosch. It begins with a negative outlook, but proceeds with an open mindset as he discusses with specialists, politicians, and scientists. DiCaprio figures that even with the persistent problems, there are many solutions that can be implemented.

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