'Halo 5: Guardians' News: Monitor's Bounty Update Introduces Big Changes To The Forge, Arena Mode, New Contents And More Exciting Features


Microsoft and 343 Industries have launched this week the latest massive update for the shooter game  "Halo 5: Guardians," which is set to introduce new features and contents on Windows PC and Xbox One. The latest update will roll out on both gaming platforms on Dec.8 and adds a wide range of new weapons, new armor, new items, new skins, cosmetics, mini maps, observer mode and a custom game browser.

According to GameSpot, the "Halo 5" Monitor's Bounty update will feature more than 650 new items and mini maps, but this is just a part of the massive "Halo 5" update. The Monitor's Bounty update will also include several changes to gameplay and existing contents, affecting Warzone, Forge, and even matchmaking contents. 343 Industries has provided a preview of the upcoming content release, providing a close glimpse of the upcoming big update.

The free custom games browser, which will be added on Both Xbox One and PC, will enable players to easily hunt down player-made servers to battle against friends and strangers alike. The new custom browser will also allow players to join games immediately. There is no more matchmaking involved here, the developer wants to make things much easy for now. Players can now choose a server with their favorite maps in rotation and game modes they want to play with.

As reported earlier by Digital Trends, the first preview covers the new "Voices of War" requisitions pack, Observer mode, and a reward feature. Another preview provided by the developer covers the new weapons, new armor, new vehicles, and new canvases setting the stage for new multiplayer maps.

It also features the new Beam Goblin, an improved version of the Grunt Goblin built from the ground up to effectively take enemies. The Grunt Goblin has also received some big changes.

However, the main focus of the upcoming Monitor's Bounty update is the addition of "powerful and robust" scripting tools that allow players to create all manner of game types from simple to complex creations.

As mentioned earlier by GameSpot, who managed to get a nice interview with the "Halo 5" developers, they talked about the all new scripting feature that completely changes the Forge mode into an all new powerful toolset. They talked a lot of things from new contents to maps, but the real kicker is that Halo 5 now allows players to script custom content into their Forge maps.

With the latest update, players will now able to script modifications for up to 64 different objects all at the same time. Scripts can now have four actions per condition, and can also be disabled at three different levels.

Additionally, there are also new conditions being added to the update. These include the trigger events based on score changes or the specific time in around and another new condition that checks when a player enters or exits.

In addition to the script modifications and conditions added, the latest update also added some enhancements and some tweaks to the Forge. One big example is the addition of the new file recovery feature, which creates an auto-save of your map when you get disconnected from the game server. This also means that players can now make the jump from one gaming platforms to other platforms.

Another new feature is the "Machinima Mode," this give player the ability to take screenshots of their game levels directly in the "Halo 5" game.

Finally, for the "Halo 5: Guardians" players, the full patch notes for the latest Monitor's Bounty update can be read on Halo Waypoint.

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