'Divide' to Launch Exclusively for PS4 January 2017; Confirmed to Be Stealth Game [VIDEO]


After being under development for four years and being postponed for its 2016 release, "Divide" is officially set for release exclusively for PS4 on January 31 2017. Reports confirm that it will be a stealth game.

Lonely sci-fi dungeon crawl

Exploding Tuba Studios officially announced on December 8 that it will release its "Divide" game, which the developer considers a lonely sci-fi dungeon crawl, Dual Shockers reported. The game is about an ordinary father and widower who is put through extreme circumstances. The main protagonist of the game is David, who is separated from his daughter and brought to a strange world that blurs his idea of reality.

Exploding Tuba Studios PlayStation Blog Founder Chris Tilton confirmed that the game is indeed a stealth game, but it is just one aspect of the game. The game focuses on uncertainty and mystery. Exploration is also one important aspect of the game.

Can be a combat game too

David may engage in combat during some parts of the game, but the player can choose to avoid them totally. There are certain shooting mechanics that are featured in the game, but having the right tactics is still the most important thing, One Angry Gamer reported.

Ultimately, the game revolves around solving mysteries in a futuristic setting, according to the developers. David will be using digital contact lenses that let him see an augmented reality view of the world, which heightens the feel of loneliness theme of the game.

Gameplay and Story

According to Tilton, the game is reminiscent to games like "Shadowrun, "Another World," "Flashback," and "Syndicate." Those games heavily influenced "Divide" said Tilton.

The studio wanted to achieve a balance between gameplay and story, without the two elements overlapping each other. He also said that the tone is very important to the story. Bringing emotional moments to a game where the player dictates how it progresses is a big challenge, he said.

A trailer for the game was recently released showing how superb the story and the gameplay are executed. 

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