‘Resident Evil 7’ Have Fans Go Crazy Over New Nemesis? The New Villain is a Reminiscent of Tyrant? [VIDEOS]


More than a month before the official PS4 release of the highly anticipated "Resident Evil 7" on January 24 2017 and fans are already going crazy over the game's new nemesis. Nope, Nemesis won't be back for the game. Instead, "Resident Evil 7" will feature a new character reminiscent of "Resident Evil 2's" Tyrant.

Jack Baker is Like Tyrant

Capcom has rolled out a number of promotional materials ahead of its "Resident Evil 7" release with the latest being the three part in-game footages, PC Gamer reported. The first of the three videos features a deranged axe-wielding patriarch named Jack Baker. Fans instantly went crazy for the new character as he reminds them of Tyrant T-00, more popularly known as Mr X.

The new character is one of the elements in the latest instalment that shows how much the game pays respect to the original games, while bringing something new to the table. With a first-person view, the gameplay brings in claustrophobia at its peak and the fear of not knowing what is right around the corner. Adding up the head of the Baker family to the list makes it the perfect recipe for what a survival horror game should be like.

Story Focuses on Ethan Winters

The new videos shows the main protagonist Ethan Winters trapped in a mansion in Louisiana owned by the Baker family, VG247 reported. While the first video focuses on Ethan facing Jack Baker, the second video focuses on the exploration part of the game. The video ends up with Ethan making his way through a flooded basement where he comes across zombie-like creatures that are familiar to any Resident Evil fan.

Meanwhile, the last video shows the main protagonist solving puzzles, which is a signature element to any "Resident Evil" game. This part of the game brings the player the feels of a real "Resident Evil" game making them forget about its disappointing predecessor - part 6.

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